Summer Study Abroad Orientation

Over the course of the semester, NIU has been conducting a series of orientation sessions  for students who will participate in our one month summer English study abroad program at Troy University. The most recent one was held yesterday. Topics covered included:

  • Avoiding and coping with signs of culture shock
  • Making the most of one's experience
  • Safety and general precautions while abroad
  • Filling out the ESTA

With only a few weeks left until their departure, students are eager to pack their bags and go.

September 2015 | Welcome Home English Summer Students

Welcome home GT students from your 1 month summer English program at St. Dominic College of Asia in the Philippines!

NIU GT students were accompanied on their return trip by the President and Vice-president of St. Dominic College. NIU was proud to welcome these esteemed guests to our campus on the following day during which time they met with President Naoki Abe and the Head of the International Center Dr. Katsuhiko Kimura.