Study in English and Japanese

NIU offers a short-term exchange program for English-speaking students. Courses are offered in English and Japanese. Courses in English cover topics related to Japanese culture, history, society, economy and tourism.  Courses in Japanese are available for absolute beginners and up. Exchange students may enroll in both courses taught in English and Japanese in the same semester. 

NIU's Academic Calendar 

The Japanese academic calendar differs slightly from many western universities:

  • The fall semester runs from late-September until late-January. Students may opt for a condensed schedule which ends in late-December at NIU.

  • The spring semester runs from early-April until mid-August

  • Semesters run for 15 weeks followed by an exam period

*Please note that in Japan it is common for courses to be held once a week for 90 minutes. As a result, it is common for students to take 10 or more courses in a semester.

For more information about courses, choose a semester below:

*Information on this page is intended for students interested in studying on 6-12 month exchange.

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