Summer Study Abroad Orientation

Over the course of the semester, NIU has been conducting a series of orientation sessions  for students who will participate in our one month summer English study abroad program at Troy University. The most recent one was held yesterday. Topics covered included:

  • Avoiding and coping with signs of culture shock
  • Making the most of one's experience
  • Safety and general precautions while abroad
  • Filling out the ESTA

With only a few weeks left until their departure, students are eager to pack their bags and go.

July 28, 2015 | Welcome Arkansas Tech University

We were delighted to welcome to our campus Mr. Yasu Onodera from Arkansas Tech University on July 28, 2015. Mr. Onodera and NIU Global Tourism Students

NIU and Arkansas Tech became exchange partners last year and completed final preparations for our initial exchange of students to commence in a mere two weeks. NIU students will study in Arkansas for one semester this fall. NIU is also eagerly awaiting students from Arkansas to study with us in the near future;

Mr. Onodera was gracious enough to conduct a pre-departure orientation with the five NIU students who will go on exchange. Staff from both universities also discussed ways to further deepen cooperation between both universities.

July 2015 | GT Students Heading for Study Abroad

2nd year GT students are eagerly awaiting their study abroad to the USA, UK, and Philippines for one semester.

What better way to wish our students luck than with a pizza party!

After returning from their semester abroad, students will begin taking tourism classes in English at NIU, such as hotel management and tourism marketing.

First year GT students are also getting ready for their 1 month English study abroad in the Philippines at St. Dominic College of Asia. While there, students will take a mix of English classes and have a chance to integrate with classes in the Hospitality program. In their free time, students will have a chance to relax at the swimming pool of their guest house. Weekends will include field trips to locations around the Philippines to experience the history and culture of the country.