Pottery and Kids

Today we went to the Hasami elementary school! It was super fun, kids were excited to meet us and we had some fun playing with jump ropes.

Then kids took us to the classroom and gave us lunch. I keep on trying to speak more and more in Japanese but talking with kids is actually kinda harder! 

Then we had some free time – I looked around some shops and they were so cool! We were walking around an area that resembled the hipster part of a big city – instead it’s in the tiny lil town! Sounds perfect for me! I looked around some art shops, bought overpriced mint tea and got a very fancy coffee.

Then we went to the Hasami pottery Center to paint our pottery. It was really fun and an interesting experience as the tools were not fully what I’m used to using. I made one more traditional design with typical Japanese motifs and one more modern with a cute little cat. I can’t wait until those go back to the oven and we will se how it comes out.