Nagasaki - Peace and Atomic Bomb

The City of Nagasaki was kind enough to invite us to a whole day trip
Our first stop was Nagasaki University, where we watched a video and listened to a moving story of a woman who survived the atomic bombing. She described her experiences in great detail and I couldn’t help but be emotional. Then we went on a small field trip with a guide, seeing famous monuments connected to the tragedy.
Then we went through the Atomic Bomb Museum, which was a much better experience comparing to the one I had 3 years ago (when a family brought a 3 year old with squeaky shoes to look around the exhibition)
After that we went to the Culture Museum – good opportunity to cool off after looking at all that awful things that human beings did to other human beings.
At the end we had a chance to watch a theatre performance -I didn’t understand most of it but it was still entertaining!