Virtual Exchange Across Four Continents

Students in the Dept. of International Tourism's Global Tourism Course successfully participated in three virtual exchange projects during the 2015-16 academic year, connecting students across four continents.

Students at Coventry University (UK), Princeton University (USA) and SENA (Columbia) collaborated with NIU students over the course of the fall semester on three separate virtual exchange projects. 

In the projects with Princeton and Coventry, students used both English and Japanese to communicate about a variety of cultural and academic topics. The project with SENA was conducted entirely in English. Students made use of three different modes of communication during the exchange: text, audio and video.

We are looking forward to continuing these projects in the next academic year.


Fall 2015 | NIU and Princeton Begin Virtual Exchange Project

Students in the Global Tourism course at Nagasaki International University will begin a virtual exchange project with students studying Japanese at Princeton University during the fall semester.

Students from both universities will be put in groups and share their ideas in both English and Japanese via online forums and videos. Much of the focus will be on learning from each other, sharing ideas, and critical thinking.