Catching Up - Part 1


We landed in Fukuoka at 14:30. I slept in the plane, being my first moment of rest in 15 hours. I left the airplane and went through the security. Nice Japanese lady took a picture of me, printing it onto my new residency card. To the Japanese officials and government I will be always tired, post panic attack person with huge bags under my eyes. Not that I don’t look like that when I’m not flying through half of the world.
I was picked up by a lovely Maiko – 3rd year of the Global Engagement course in Nagasaki International University. I mean, there was a whole organised ‘pick up’ action for me and (mainly) Chinese students but she was the only person I could actually talk with.
They drove us to NIU where we were told briefly about places we will live in. I mean, I assumed they did because the whole talk was in Japanese. I guess you need to get used to feeling dumb as soon as possible when you are in a situation like mine.
It took us few hours to get through the talks and finally get to my dorm. Unfortunately then we still had to look around the neighbourhood. I was absolutely tired, physically and mentally. Couldn’t stop crying and blamed the tears on yawning.
When I finally got to lay down in my room I just cried. I didn’t activate internet on my phone and couldn’t contact anyone.
It’s not what someone would call a good start but hey – its how it goes and not how it starts that counts, right?
Next day I managed to use the bus together with the Chinese students. I didn’t know that there was a whole week of orientation talks ahead of me. That was also the day I met American exchange students! Finally, someone who is equally confused.
Brendan took us out for dinner. It’s all a bit blurry (because I didn’t make proper notes before) but generally the rest of the week was – orientation, hanging out with Brendan and the American Squad (Jaime, Deya, Trenton and Devon). I don’t know If its an extreme situation case but I didn’t feel as awkward around them as I normally do around new people.