We went to an elementary school!

We went to an elementary school in Sasebo! They had an international festival. Honestly it looked very anime-like, so I’d assume it’s just a typical school. Or how Takeshi put it メッチ スクル-
Because of Nagasaki international history and American navy base in Sasebo there is lots of foreigners living in the area. The elementary school looks very diverse in comparison to “typical all Japanese” schools.

We all prepared some kind of presentation about our home countries. I chose to talk about the Legend of the Wawelski Dragon. My friend Masaki was kind enough to help me translate the whole thing to kids  We asked them if they knew anything about Poland – where it is, etc. I tried not to seem hurt after hearing that Poland is in USA. Dang yankees taking over Europe. Wasn’t native lands enough?????

Kids had also all sorts of presentation of their own, showing off martial art skills or singing abilities. It was absolutely the cutest thing ever.
There was lots of different volunteers showing many different things. In the free moments Masaki took me to older ladies making origami. 
At the end, kids gave us adorable thank you notes. It was really nice to hang out with them lil' guys and maybe make them interested in good ol’ Poland