Our Friends Are The Best

I will not be writing about every single cool thing that happened during this month. I should have kept a journal or something but I didn’t and now there is no point in trying to dig that up from my memories. So this post will be the last “catching up” post. But I thought what needed to be highlighted is how amazingly we are being treated here.

We were greeted with great hospitality by the university staff – they went out of their way to make us feel welcome and help us to have the smoothest transition.

But Japanese friends went out of their way to make our experience exciting

I already wrote about taking us to fireworks – but there is so much more! First of all they created a buddy programme – there are two Japanese students per one exchange student. They help us and are generally the first people we should reach out in case of something going on.

They sometimes drive us around or take us places. They even threw a birthday party for Devon at Izakaya! We had so much fun drinking and eating. Later we went to the pub, hanging around navy people.

Huge thanks to our Japanese friends for being so so so amazing 💕