Settling In

It’s been a month since we arrived in Japan, and although I will admit that arrival may have been tiring, it’s been nothing less than exciting since we arrived. Every day is filled with adventure and just trying to get to the store is an endeavor in itself. It may just be an illusion because everything’s so new, but the more time we spend here the less I want to leave.

Of course I miss home all the same and I’d like to return, but it makes me wonder if I’d like to try living here some time because everyone here seems so nice and active and like they really want to get to know you and everyone around them. Sure not everyone is like that but even the ones that aren’t are open to it and seem to want to be able to be that way.  Being here makes me wonder whether I’ve been missing something back home. Whether there’s a whole world of people I’ve been ignoring back home.  I’m excited to approach school back home the same way I have NIU. I’ve always been involved but had to many responsibilities to invest time into people, this time I’d like to experience things from the outside a little more. The importance of having people around. NIU has definitely reinforced that idea in my mind - it was the reason I wanted to go home, but maybe I can  meet people in Troy if I try hard enough.