Tourism Students Organize Boat Tour of Nagasaki

In honour of the July 18 national holiday Umi no Hi (Sea Day), students from the Department of International Tourism organized a boat tour of northern Nagasaki. Both international and Japanese students cooperated to research, plan and coordinate the tour under the guidance of Associate Professor Tetsuhiro Hara. The event sought to help people reconnect with and reimagine our region from the point of view of sea transport, one of the oldest but nowadays underused means of transport.

The event was a huge success and was blessed with near-perfect weather conditions. The tour included a lunch break on Tashima Island, an uninhabited historical island which now offers direct boat transport from Nagasaki airport. Other places on the tour included:

  • Sasebo city inner harbour
  • Saikai Bridge
  • Port Hoorn and Huis Ten Bosch theme parks
  • Hario Signal Towers
  • Ozaki Peninsula war remains
  • Omura Bay

This is the 6th year that the event was held.

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